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Origins of the Penticle October 29, 2008

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This is something I wrote way back when. This is the true history and meaning of the Penticle. (Most commonly reffered to as the Pentagram. But that is in Ignorance.)

Northern Hemisphere Pentacle

Northern Hemisphere Pentacle

In the southern Hemisphere everything is inverted because that is part of the natural order of the energy. Where here Clockwise is to create there Clockwise is to uncreate.


Okay I was reading the information The History of the
Pentagram/Penticle and something about the inverted
penticle. Which struck me as this they are the same
shape just different directions. All “pagan” paths
have different meanings and no path is organized
really. So there is no set everyone should believe
this way thingy. That is fine with me. But I wanted to
post (to the several groups i am in) about what these
things mean to me. Also I wrote this in mind that the
reader participates in magickal works. Now let us

Alright first things first. The pentagram/penticle
however you want to say it from this point I will
refer to it as a pentagram ( it is the name of the
shape after all) This shape was first seen mainstream
when a greek mathmatician we all know named
pythagoras. Used this shape in his theory, which is
still taught at a grade and high school level. Or at
least when I was in. This symbol is misconstrued just
like the swastika. The symbol had many purposes, to
explain the order inside the chaos of the universe.
The five elements Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit.
Some paths teach that spirit is apart of the elements
that it is the controlling outside force that holds
the elements together. In some paths the circle around
the pentagram represents this. Then another type of
path teaches the middle is the spirit. The Spirit in
these paths is sometimes represented also as self. To
control and effectively work with the elements you
must have full mastery with the element of spirit so
you can connect all the elements to the element of
spirit. Which is why both sides of the fence stress
the emportance of grounding and meditation. Grounding
so that you can do the great work with order instead
of chaos. and meditation focuses and trains the will
which is needed to control the energies of higher
magickal rituals, rites, and spells.

But what is the difference? Is it just a symbol with
no meaning? My answer to that question is no.

Is the inverted pentagram a symbol of satan/evil? My
answer is no and i do not believe in the black and
white lines of good and evil. All because what is evil
to me might not be evil to you and vice versa. So it
is an abstract idea , to me, to explain things that
cannot really be explained.

Does it represent God/Goddess? Positve/negative
energies? My answer to both of those is yes. Why
might you ask…Good Question!

Okay in some circles it does represent the God and
Goddess energies. In my Circle which involves umm…
me myself and maybe I. It represents Positive and
Negative energies. Now in the northern hemisphere the
upward point (/\) would stand for positive….but in
the southern hemisphere its the opposite. Why? because
the waters swirl in a counter-clock wise or moon wise
motion. (as we all know the sun rises in the east and
sets in the west and the moon rises in the west and
sets in the east) I cannot explain it without going
into a lot of pages and im not going to do that. Lets
just say it is the natural order of things. It is how
this world was made since the polar caps polarity is
different both hemispheres will be different. so going
clock wise to open a positive energy circle and going
counter clock wise to close it would be the negative
energy circle in the southern hemisphere. So our
pentagram is inverted to them and thiers is inverted
to us. The inverted pentagram is also a sign of
negative energy or god energy. Let me explain the god
energy. In my little realm of magick, the sun is the
symbol for the goddess and the moon is symbol for the
god. For this reason, the sun births life, it warms
us, nurtures us and feeds us. (when I say us i mean
every living entity on the planet. Because we are all
on the same food chain and to me humans are on the
lowest link. But thats for something else.) And as any
woman would tell you, without the woman the man
wouldnt shine. Same concept for the moon, without the
sun the moon wouldnt shine. I am waiting for an
onslaught of e-mails just telling me im wrong on that
one. You COULD do that but i would ignore it anyway
because it is my belief and i do not care about yours
in my writings because I am not you and I am not
writing on your beliefs. So if someone says “Is that a
star of satan?” Simply say no just like the upside
down cross the church has mislead you. ANd explain to
them your personal belief or mine. It doesnt matter.
There was a quote in an article that just made me want
to write all this. Which the answer to above question
stated “Satanists have turned a good symbol
upside-down just like they did with the Christian
cross.” Which is wrong because an apostile was
executed by the romans, and he requested the cross be
turned upside down because he believed he didnt
deserve to die like Jesus. It is in there if you
really want to I can find that passage. BUt anyway
that takes the mis-concieved quote alot of “pagan’s”
say. And I gave my long winded explaination on what i
think. Thank you for your time.


11 Responses to “Origins of the Penticle”

  1. tothewire Says:

    Dorian is going to love this! I’ll post it on SNL! Nicely composed and easy to follow…it grabs your attention, and keeps it. I like it.

  2. lawman2 Says:

    found it on the blog roll after i went and posted on tothewire about how i didn’t like having to copy and paste the url.anyway,it is a well written piece

  3. Enkill_Eridos Says:

    I wrote this piece like three years ago for a group I was/am apart of.

  4. dorian9 Says:

    love these things. i read a book on talismans, the pentacle symbol was used for protection and power by the ancients. it’s more popularly associated with the devil and satanists nowadays. thanks for the history on the inverted cross. i think you mentioned aleister crowley (the golden dawn). he was another misunderstood figure. an extremely interesting man , so different for his time. he was a brilliant, eccentric character.just my type.hehe. who knows what he could have come up with if he lived today. certainly if he lived in america a couple of centuries ago he wouldve been burnt at the stake. anyway his writings are often mentioned in esoteric studies circles, understandably so because he went deep and far beyond the “normal” my teens i dabbled in wicca and “white” magic, because of psychic/psychokinetic
    experiences i wanted explanations for. now i know that there are some of us born with the innate abilities to open up more easily to consciousness beyond the objective and subjective- i believe the term they use most for those types are “sensitives”. i’ll post something on here , will figure out which topic. so many. crop circles, anyone?

  5. dorian9 Says:

    E.E – i’d like to recommend these books to you – available in some libraries, also on amazon

    The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail – Margaret Starbird

    Magdalene’s Lost Legacy: Symbolic Numbers and the Sacred Union in Christianity – Margaret Starbird

  6. dorian9 Says:

    interesting concept, the sun representing female energy and the moon for the male.i see your point…

  7. Zoran Says:

    Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.

    Thank you

  8. Enkill_Eridos Says:

    Zoran this is a concept in many earth based spiritual practices and this article was featured in one of those spiritual practices groups. This article has been verified to be one of the accepted definitions of what a pentacle means, in reference to ritual. The sun and moon thing is something that I found in an obscure European mythology, it made sense to me and is not something taught in most Earth based religions. That part is more of one of my “spiritual truths” or opinions.

  9. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles.Just thought you’d be interested to know that I have added you to my bookmarks You make valid points in a concise and pertinent fashion, I will read more of your stuff, thank you for your time.

  10. I enjoy reading the valuable information you offer in your articles.Great post, You make 100% right points in a concise and pertinent fashion, I will read more of your stuff, thank you very much for writing this

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