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Vampyrism, what the beliefs of Spritual Vampyres really are. November 14, 2008

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To start this off I am going to have some video from youtube from the Tyra Banks show. I got really angry with Tyra since it seemed to me she really did not care to learn about these beliefs. But the guy who is the self proclaimed king of vampyres really gives some good background information.


This is all talking about the Culture and does not really talk too indepth about the Spiritual Beliefs. I would like to point out that the skinny woman points out the genetic theory which is more intune with a different school of thought that I follow. Which I will get to that when I talk about the different schools of thought. This is one of the most non-ignorant specials I have seen in a long time.

Well I should get started huh?

Let us start at the very beginning before I talk about the philosophical aspect. And everything I will talk about is the foundation of which all neophytes need to be familiar with. Now to point out two major schools of thought are the Khephrian and the Sekherian. House Kheperu is one of the leading houses and from that house comes the book The Psychic Vampire’s Codex written by Michelle Belanger. You can find an online version, of which will be given in the biblography section of this piece

This has a lot of good information of which I am not going to delve very deeply on.  This writing has very good techniques and explanations. There are multiple origins of how Vampyrism came to be. I will share some. I will be giving a biblography at the end where all this information can be found.

None of this is my own words but this is something I was exposed to in the beginning of my long journey.

Origin Theories

There are many different theories of origin, these theories and or memories have sometimes translated into the forming of various Houses. Others however are just speculative and haven’t really been accepted. . In some circles of the Vampire Community belief in these origin theories is considered mental masturbation, since it can’t be proven; but nonetheless; These are some of the current theories. Theories are arranged alphabetically , and not in order of acceptance.


Some people think they are possessed. By a demon or other entity. As ridiculous as this sounds to some, This may actually be representative of Astral Symbiotics, taking a host.

Alien (Starseed) Vampire Theory

There are a rare few psychic vampires that believe themselves to be Alien vampires..Otherkin from vampiric alien races or the product, of energetic manipulation/alteration of their souls. Many otherkin vampires feel that they are vampiric due to an inability to process the local energy as they did in their home worlds.. Among those said to have done this are the Plieadians , Draconians, Orions, and Reptilians ..ect…

Atlantean Alteration

This theory delves into Atlantean mythology, saying a certain priest caste of Atlanteans, cut altered themselves spiritually, and decided to evolve as vampires.


The short version: Cain Killed Abel. God gave Cain a special mark and declared that any who killed him would suffer vengeance “sevenfold.” Cain was then banished to the Land of Nod, east of Eden. To Some Cain is considered the first vampire.


Some people believe that they were cursed or Damned by God…or Any Deity. Pretty much, similar to the Cain theory.


Some Believe they are the result of a disease. .Particularly the K-17 virus and or the V-5 virus …Unfortunately these viruses and diseases are fictional…They got this from the media.

Though porphyria /Xeroderma Pigmentosum are actual Genetic disorders that causes a lack of a specific enzyme in order to make heme.. (Garlic is known to agitate this condition to dangerous levels.) Hence where the myths of Garlic comes from.

Egyptian Alteration

The Egyptian alteration refers to a period in time in which a group of souls chose to be altered, for their spiritual persuits.The Alteration severed their silver cord and, also broke/removed/ their navel chakra, and pretty much hotwired their subtle body. The resulting process was that they became vampiric,.But are able to progress spiritually with full awareness of past lifetimes.


There are some Psychic Vampires out there, that believe that they are the next evolutionary step in human evolution. Most feel superior to psychics, whom they see as their prime food source. This type of psychic vampire is mre concerned with the quality of psychic energy and level, than the quanity. They feed in order to maintain a higher psychic or psionic level than their bodies can naturally produce.


In Jewish mysticism Lilith is the first wife of Adam, who is eventually cast out of Eden. she refused to comply with Adam’s demand that she submit herself to him, and in the end fled from him by using the Ineffable Name. Adam then complained to God about his loneliness, and the creation of Eve followed, together with the “Fall” and the Expulsion from Eden. Adam, blaming this on Eve, separated from her, and for a time reunited with Lilith, before finally returning to Eve. Lilith bore Adam a number of children in this interval, who became demons. After Adam’s reconciliation with Eve, Lilith assumed the Queenship of the Demons; in some kabbalist versions she is the consort of Samael, in others she remains Single

One of the origin beliefs is that these demons were actually the first Vampires. And that Eden, Is actually referring to the spiritual plain, the expulsion is the transcendence of the spirit to the physical world. Therefore when Lilith bore the children these demons actually vampires.

To others, Lilith is considered to be the first Vampire.


Actually This theory, isn’t necessarily on origin but on genetics. Some Psychic Vampires believe That Merovech, the Frankish chief; was a vampire, and the Merovingian line , from which perhaps 10s of thousands of families are descendants of, passed on a recessive genetic trait, of vampirism. This Theory is Most closely associated with House Quinotaur.

Nephilim or Watcher Theory

Due to the Head heart hands relationship of some psychic vampires, it has left part of the community to come up with the theory that they are remnants of the Nephilim. or part angelick or fallen angel. The Nephilim were the children of Human mothers and a group of Angels Called “Watchers”. One of the legends says that a single Nephilim survived by hiding in a cave that was sealed water tight. Hence, was able to propagate a line later.

The “one true” origin of vampyrism is debated around the community each house has different philosophies and there are so many houses that I really do not have the time to find the respective houses and post everything if anything that I say does not resonate with you look for yourself. I will be talking about my views through my own personal experience and I challenge everyone who reads this if you are really interested to walk this path, to do some more research into this matter. Join a house that philosophy resonates with you, let them teach you and help you grow.

This is the basic Philosophy of House Kheperu. Their website is being reconstructed so this is their profile on witchvox.

: House Kheperu is an eclectic spiritual society dedicated to balance, education, and transformation. We take our name from an ancient Egyptian word that means “to transform, to change, to become.” Although we take inspiration from some ancient Egyptian sources and iconography, we are not a strictly Khemetic or reconstructionist group.

We see our spiritual path as an intensely personal process of transformation wherein we awaken to deeper and deeper truths about our own nature, as well as the nature of the universe we exist in. In embodying and balancing these truths in ourselves, we then become catalysts that facilitate the same process of transformation in the world around us.

We are advocates of both tolerance and diversity. In looking within ourselves, we cannot help but realize that individuals are exceedingly complex, so we feel it is both facile and naïve to assume that one doctrine of belief can somehow answer all questions for all people. Our core philosophy is best summed up by our motto, “Seek Your Own Truth.”

As teachers and wisdom-keepers we do not seek to instruct others in “our way.” Instead, we help those we instruct to explore many different ideas and beliefs so they may ultimately discover the path that is most right for them.

As we are dedicated to change, we are also dedicated to balance. We have a spiritual imperative to look within ourselves and accept whatever truth is there, then to balance this inherent nature with our personal ideals. As a result, we each embody a complex diversity of attitudes, qualities, preferences, and beliefs. Each member is a union of opposites, a dynamic microcosm that embodies varying shades of male and female, young and old, dark and light, secular and sacred.

Despite our many paths, we come together as a House and as a Family because of a framework of shared beliefs. We all believe in reincarnation. We all believe that, although we have been scattered for a long time, we share common bonds forged in a common origin. As part of this common origin, we believe that we have an unusual sensitivity to and interaction with energy, particularly the energy of life (often called chi, prana, or ki) . We do not require our members to adhere to a strict interpretation of this shared history, so long as its mythic significance to our beliefs is acknowledged.

Our unusual interaction with life energy is what a lot of pagans or occultists would label “psychic vampirism.” While you may be tempted to judge immediately upon reading that term, please understand that this is really not an accurate word. We strive toward an ethical and balanced exchange, and we teach our members how to harness their interaction with energy in positive ways. Many of our teachings on this topic can be found in “The Psychic Vampire Codex” (Weiser, 2004) which is a public adaptation of the House’s core instructional text.

Our experience of energy has led us to develop an unusual three-caste system that strongly influences our approach to performing ritual and sacred space. We celebrate holidays along the traditional Wheel of the Year, although some of our interpretations of those holidays are unorthodox, tailored to our particular experience of the ebb and flow of energy throughout the solar cycle. We have co-High Priests who head the House, one of whom runs ritual for the lightside of the year (Spring Equinox to Fall Equinox) and one who runs the rites for the darkside of the year (Fall to Spring) . Finally, many of our teachings, structure, and practices have been picked up by the worldwide vampire community and are practiced in variant forms in vampire and dark pagan groups around the globe.

This next one is from House Sekhemu.

-Sekhrian Philosophy-

We must look “within” rather than “without” for true faith resides in Self and not in the edifices of which artifacts are found. And how many times must this be mentioned, and why agree to it and yet continue to be a hypocrite unto oneself? We all carry a portion of the Divine within ourselves for the true Temple lies within and not without. There never need be an institution to serve as mediator between you and the Creator of all that was, is, and ever shall be.

Of this institution I refer to the Great Mother Church who rides the Beast of the Apocalypse as a whore dressed in scarlet.

And of the mediator I refer to the unction one has with the God of Many Names to include the Divine Mother of the Ages.

Ignorance is the only real evil left. And from this ignorance stems fear. True darkness is living in the shadows of ignorance – and many “holy” men walk with their eyes open, but yet see nothing. Being spiritual and being holy are two different things.

Living in Darkness is termed the “Left Hand Path”. As with this, one finds responsibility in Self rather than in a deity (id est Deo). By this is said, “As I will it, so shall it be.” Here, the power of one’s will is used to cause change in the laws of the universe which are composed of Rhythm, Harmony, and Symmetry. This “change” is termed magick. And magick is a most laudable science for it deals with all the mental, spiritual, and physical faculties of absolute Self, by which the Divine is found within. By these faculties, it may very well serve as the mediation of the Most High.

The “Right Hand Path” is based on faith upon a deity rather than Self. In this, all hope is bestowed onto a given deity such as “God”. By this is said, “Thy will be done.” Here all hope is given to one’s god, and the only form of magick used is prayer which acts as an invisible force that eventually causes change in Nature’s laws.

Every human being has the potential to construct the magickal temple within themselves. From the moment of conception, a special spark ignites. This miracle of life is proof that a divine seed is planted within our soul, and it may be discarded and never realized, or it may be wielded as a metallurgist wields a sword. This spirit seed requires nourishment; and by this, one must practice all the qualities of virtue – for it is by good wills and acts of charities that we be judged, not only by Higher Powers, but by the laws of society as well.

And let it be known that all acts of goodness are manifestations of our Higher Self. Should this be witnessed, then it is our Spiritual Self that feeds off on-lookers who may say, “Yes, he is a ‘just’ man for I have seen him act in such a manner.” And if we be good unto the world and if our acts be not witnessed by people, then know that the spirits watch and are forever tracking our lives from beginning to end, and back to the beginning when we must be re-born. So charity is not just the beginning, but also the end.

Every religion has a philosophy. To follow those teachings will eventually “save the soul” from ignorance, but to follow only one religion and believe it is the only “true” religion is walking blindly. How can one accept Christ as Saviour, yet be a hypocrite by not accepting the teachings of other prophets? The teachings and the root of diverse religions stems from one common seed, which is generated from within the soul. And salvation is “coming to Being” – Xeper – or to become “Aware” – Khepra – of our potential to reach spiritual enlightment – Nehas-t.

Be that as it may, all religions have shared this school of thought, so how can one be better than the next? If asked, “What religion do you follow?” or, “What is your Path?”, then I simply respond with, “I follow the ‘Old Way’”. Because it is from this ancient design that all things came about.

Both philosophies are really simular and hold the foundations of the spiritual practice. I follow the Sekherian Philosophy.

Now I will point you all to the places where these philosophies are founded later on. These are the two philosophies that are essential the same philosophy coming from a different place. Now how do you become a vampyre. Simple you do not become a vampyre. You are what you are. People awaken into certain aspects and vampyrism is very complicated that many neophytes cannot fully grasp. So I will not go into every aspect. Every human can come into direct communion with the divine spark in all of us. But becoming one with that divine sparkdoes not require you have vampyric traits.

The main thing that sets apart a Vampyre from the rest of the human race is the need to consume life force energy to survive. Now to touch on this subject. We do not feed on the life force (psychicly or sanguine) to distroy or disrupt. The main purpose for this feeding is to take away negative and harmful energies from a persons chakras and recycle it in our own. The way to do this varies but the results are the same.

This is a very basic and very simple diagram to show the major chakra points in the chakra system but the chakra system is much more complex. There are minor chakra points all over the body and all connect to the major. Metaphysical Studies tells us that this system is like a series of tubes. (Much like what chaney says about the internet.) Your energy system is not a “big truck.” at some form almost everyone has empathic abilities. Some have no empathy what so ever. But every once in a while the energies that you collect from other people and the universe block up. And on a bigger scale the purpose for vampyres to exist is to for lack of a better term. Roto Rooter your energy system, now when a psychic vampire feeds off your chakra’s they do not know your deepest and darkest thoughts and desires. We do not steal your ambitions. This is a type of energy that sustains you much like your blood vessels. But sometimes those blood vessels get clogged and a doctor has to do a precsion operation to stop it. Many psychic vampires do not even know what they are. So actually “seeing” the complex aura and determining the block and surgically removing it does not come into play. The barely awakened or newly awakended that do this unconsciously is doing it out of instinct. When we become aware of what we are doing we automatically think we are freaks. This is mainly do to social brainwashing. Which the origins of that will be in another post I promise.

I believe there are many forms of awakening. There is an empathic awakening of which a person thinks he or she is a vampyre with a vampyre soul but truly is not is called a kindred. Vampyrism is not an exclusive group there are people who follow the spiritual path begining it thinking they were and later on finding out they really are not. Then there is a Vampyric awakening which is truly different from the empathic awakening. Where anyone can use feeding practices both to do what they are cosmicly designed to do and to harm others, very rarely does one willfully try to harm others. A vampyre needs to do such feeding. To explain something so complex very simply is hard yet necessary. The easiest way to explain such a thing is this, a vampyre either psychicly or in a sanguine fasion, needs to “feed” off of the life force of others to survive and to function properly. For example I can eat all day and still be hungry but if I “feed” off someone’s auric energies my hunger is sated. But I can use the physical act of eating to sustain my body but not feeding in the other way my spiritual self decays and withers along with any innate and developed abilities. If the spiritual self decays to the point to where there is almost nothing else there like anything we die. That is a very extreame ending and takes years or decades to happen.

What happens during an awakening you may ask? Is there pain or physical changes? In awakening its different for everyone. As for physical changes innate abilities each person has surfaces. But these abilities are strengthened. And everyone is different and has innate abilities. Some are physical attributes like enhanced strength and or speed. Since this is the easiest to see it is what is embellished the most in fiction. Mental attributes happen from subtle changes in the senses and thought structure. To a complete change in thought structure and mental capabilities. And innate abilities are just too varied for me to make a complete list.  I may add empathic awakenings take the same characteristics, even though these abilities are stronger for the vampyric awakening.

So how do you know if you are a Vampyre?  That is something, even though many will tell you if you are or not sometimes these people are wrong, that you can only answer yourself. Through gaining self awareness or in some circles Nehas-t, you access parts of your soul that you did not have access to before.

Which brings us to our next part, what are the Spiritual Practices to enlightenment. Even though a lot of the above information is rudimentary and basic, it takes a long time to grasp  but relatively quick to put into practice. All of these things are at a core of a vampyres being. But at the very core of the Spiritual Beliefs and Practice is one simple truth. We all have a divine spark within us, we all can reach it and become one with it thus in doing so reaching complete oneness with ourselves or Nehas-t. I believe one of the paths to this complete oneness with ourselves in coming whole is to envelop every aspect of life and enjoy every experience. Both positive and negative. Where one might try to hide from themselves and others a traumatic experience. I understand the lesson it taught me. That every part of life is a part of something bigger thus embracing such things makes me whole. I go into this in greater detail in The Part of The Whole page. This is the begining and the end, the simple truth that drives this spiritual belief. Something so simple yet so hard to actually grasp and understand.

Of course there is more practices that help you go through all of the “steps” to gaining oneness. And I will be going through each aspect in order that I did them from beginning to where I am now. Not in this post of course but in others. I will be informing all of you of basic meditation techniques and practices. And some useful metaphysical work that can apply to everyone not just those that follow the Vampyric Path.

Also there is one more simple truth in this spiritual practice and belief system. I feel this concept is important and simple yet difficult to master. If everything was easy then the human race would have achieved both  on an individual and collective sense “enlightenment”. The concept I am talking about is called “walking in twilight.” This is of course a metaphorical term and the explanation is also metaphorical. I will give an example on how to do it but will not tell you how. You need to figure that out for yourself. Since everyone is different and will achieve this and wholeness with yourself in a different way than anyone else. The journey often intersects in the same paths or start at the same place.  Think of the phrase “walking in twilight” like this, there is a “light” side of yourself the side you show everyone. Then there is a “dark” side of yourself, the side you keep hidden for fear of persecution.  And the twilight is the point in your life when both the “light” side or the easily visable is as easily seen as the “dark” side or hidden part of you. This can also represent your life in a more spiritual light. It is very easy to take a “light” sided path, or right-handed spritual path. It is also very easy to take a “dark” sided or left-handed spiritual path. Whether niether are truely right or wrong, left handed spiritual path walkers are usually the most persecuted. But many right handed spiritual paths say it’s better to be one or the other than equal parts of both. That fine line between those two different spiritual paths can also be called the intersection of the two making you walking in twilight. This is really not a universally excepted theology even in this spiritual path because many choose to pick one or the other and do not believe you can truly do both and walk the middle path. Buddhism also uses a simular teaching to the path of enlightenment. Now for the example, A person could be a teacher by “day” or in public, and an occult practitioner by night and still lead those two seperate lives. Or that same person could incorporate both sides in everyday life and people would not notice that subtle change. That could be called walking in twilight. Again this concept took me years to completely understand and actually practice it in my day to day life.

Okay I believe that is the fundamental basic beliefs of vampyrism in the spiritual form. Some parts of the culture are far from spiritual, and some are. But I do not care about the culture since I do not follow the culture but the beliefs. Because it is who I am and I accept and embrace that.


This is were I got information that I did not find out from within myself.

I did not use any information in this post from this website but it is a thriving temple that I helped get on its feet and I am kind of active in it.

Hopefully this information is useful to any who read it.


13 Responses to “Vampyrism, what the beliefs of Spritual Vampyres really are.”

  1. dorian9 Says:

    i love this…just eyeballed and can’t wait to read all. i’ve been fascinated by vampyres for a long while, i have a few books on the subject in my mysticism and occult section. also fascinated by lycanthropes, werewolves in myth and legend. “walking in twilight” my own interpretation of this phrase, or what i believe that time and space to be is when i a m in that consciousness between sleep and wakefulness- whether taking a nap during the day or at night before i sleep – it is when i’ve seen in my mind’s eye and felt the energy of spirits or entities around me. scientific term is “hypnagogic state”. i do not have the gift of drawing; if i did i could draw the images of those entities – one fits the parapsychological description of incubus- nothing visually horrifying but the experience was real and there was tangible unexplained evidence. i’ll share details on i.m..

  2. Enkill_Eridos Says:

    The term walking in twilight is actually ment in this belief system as a metaphorical representation of the idea. And what you are describing is called something different. But I hope you get some good stuff from the read.

  3. tothewire Says:

    I love this too! This is an awesome page and article! Love the video feed! I think every woman has at sometime fantasized about vampires! I do think there is a strong sexual lure and curiosity for most people in general when it comes to vampyrism as well. Are you familiar with Vamyr (work by Dreyer)?

  4. Enkill_Eridos Says:

    I am familiar but I have disconnected myself from the communities for personal endeavors and studies.

  5. tothewire Says:

    I am not very familiar with his work, but I have heard of it (I was hoping I spelled his name correctly)I am sure it will take me reading it about 3-4 times to really get all the information here. So much to learn here, and I love to learn anything and everything about everything…kind of an obsession really, reading all the time.

  6. tothewire Says:

    I would like to share this with but want your permission before I do…???

  7. Yes I would agree to that.

  8. tothewire Says:

    Good then I will do that now!

  9. artpredator Says:

    fascinating! lots of research evident–thanks for including your sources!

  10. Lawman2 Says:

    hey man i would like to do some work on your post to make them more accessible to readers is that ok with you?

  11. Steven Says:

    don’t imagine anyone with a serious interest in ANY subject would go to Tyra Banks’ show for further expert information. That being said, her show did it’s job: treated the subject as worthy of inspection while remaining infotainment.
    Thanks for the post.

  12. I really do not care for the Tyra Banks show and none of these people are indeed experts I do not think. I do no think there is such a thing in this kind of theology.

  13. tothewire Says:

    Merry Christmas E_E!!!

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