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Interfaith dialogue December 4, 2008

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faith1It’s a thrilling time to be a believer and to so ground yourself in scripture and tradition that you are able to accept and be open to what other people are believing and where they are growing.

The atrocities we are witnessing in the Islamic world and the Middle East really are the worst we can imagine. But forget radical extremists abroad for a moment. What about us? Not all of us in the Western world are wholly exempt from regimented thinking and religious arrogance. A mindset has surfaced here in our own country, where we should know better, and, more importantly, where we can certainly do better.

Humility is the religious virtue seriously lacking in too many faith circles. By that I don’t mean thinking little of one’s self, but being aware of a reality greater than one’s self. The reality of a Big God means that we are all minorities in God’s eyes, even 2 billion Christians when considering a global village of over 6 billion. In order for dialogue among different faiths to ever happen, we must all be willing to concede that none of us alone can ever know as much as all of us together. We must move the emphasis from claiming that God is on our side to worrying more about being on God’s side of compassion, grace, justice, acceptance, and love.

Yes, my friends, we need to worry less about whether God is on our side and worry more about whether we are on God’s side.

We would like your thoughts on this…any insights?


3 Responses to “Interfaith dialogue”

  1. soleil10 Says:

    I do agree with you. Often it is more important to be a bridge than a destination.

    There is only one family under God.

  2. tothewire Says:

    Thank you Soleil10 for your insight!

  3. It depends on your definition of “God”

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