Project: Sanctuary

A Sanctuary on the Internet for Men helping other Men heal and manage their emotional pain.

About Project: Sancuary. READ THIS FIRST!!! October 29, 2008

I decided to create this blog space to spur on the Freedom of Speech; And Freedom of Religion. It is our goal to promote these freedoms and tolerance of different faiths. There are some Guide Lines in posting I would like everyone to follow.

1. Do not flame someone else’s posts or religious beliefs. Stating your opinion is not flaming but using aggressive warning is.

2. Any post is up for disscusion if you have any questions about the topic don’t be afraid to ask.

3. Since this site is about tolerance and understanding of everyone’s beliefs. No religious subject is Taboo! If you wish to post an Article however you are going to have to send me an e-mail. And you will get all praise. Of course if you do enough good posts I’ll just give you access to write new posts.

4. Have Fun!

the e-mail address for Project: Sancuary is


4 Responses to “About Project: Sancuary. READ THIS FIRST!!!”

  1. tothewire Says:

    Great concept I hope anyone who participates really gets it! This should be fun, interesting, and educational! Love it!

  2. lawman2 Says:

    i really get it, i just really don’t get tothewire not posting HER beliefs on each post responding to each, very well written i might add; piece

  3. tothewire Says:

    It is not my place to post my beliefs on each topic here, it is my place to sit back and enjoy some well written articles and explore new ideas and beliefs.

  4. Yvonne Blasy Says:

    This looks like a very cool concept as I’m all about tolerance of others’ spiritual paths. I am also studying sound and music healing and found your site by Googling Pythagorus Music. Thanks for being out here on the Web!

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