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The 2012 Prophecies and The Pagan Origins of Modern Religion June 1, 2009


Atlantis December 9, 2008

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The concept of Atlantis is one of the most powerful and pervasive ideas in the western psyche. If Atlantis had not existed, we would need to create the Lost Continent, so important is this mythos to us. Indeed, in the science fiction universe of Star Trek, this is exactly what the government of Earth and the United Federation of Planets began doing in the mid–twenty–fourth century CE, geo–engineering a new continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.1
More recently, on U.S. television’s longest running science fiction program, Stargate SG–1, humanity discovers that Atlantis was an ancient city capable of interstellar flight, created by our distant ancestors who then subsequently ascended to the psychic realm.2 In the spin–off program Stargate Atlantis, which began in 2004, an international team from Earth re–colonizes the lost city, now in a distant galaxy, and inherits both the successes and mistakes of “the Ancients,” our Atlantean forebearers.3
Both of these very popular programs, as well as the myriad of novels and films portraying Atlantis or Atlantean themes, demonstrate the immense place the Lost Continent has in the hearts and minds of the western world, and arguably in much of our planet. It should not be surprising that the Search for Atlantis is alive and well at the dawn of the twenty–first century, with no end yet in sight. (more…)


Music and Healing – The Pythagorean Theory November 14, 2008

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Pythagoras of Samos, Greece (ca. 580 B.C.E) was one of the greatest mathematicians and philosophers of all time. Apart from his many contributions in those fields, he was highly unusual amongst the great prophets of history for being an accomplished musician. He played the kithara, an ancient form of the guitar, and often sang as he played. He is reputed to have been able to soothe both animals and people when he did and should rightly be regarded as the founder of music therapy.
Recognizing the profound effect of music upon the senses and emotions, Pythagoras did not hesitate to influence the mind and body with what he termed “musical medicine.” (more…)