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The Sum of the Whole. October 30, 2008

This article can relate to a multitude of left handed spiritual I wrote this and posted it on a Vampyre Temple forum.


The path of Vampyrism is to basically reach wholeness and in that wholeness we reach that attainment with the spark of the divine. But what makes up that sum? What is the equasion and how can I use it to effect my life? These are all questions that I will be answering. And maybe more. Some have learned this truth in the beginning of their learning cycle and some end the end. But because learning is a Circle the end usually is the same place as the beginning but because of the travel of the path you understand the begining fully.

But what is the equasion? Its simple and complex. It’s simple because it is based on the truth of with every positive there is a negative. Now for those who are lost, let me explain. The feelings Pain, Hurt, Jealousy, and Spite, for example, they all have opposites. Those feelings are Pleasure, Joy, Trust, and Love. Seperate they are petty things unpleasant. But if you were to embrace both and see the purpose of the feelings, and learn the balance within your self. That makes part of the sum of the whole. When you embrace and balance both things and learn from both things at the same time, you have come closer to Wholeness.

What is the rest of the equasion? This maybe a question in your mind right now. Okay so far we have Emotion+A+B=Whole. A and B are both varibles. (Calling upon HS Metaphysical Algrebra.) In math, most of us were taught, to answer an equasion dealing with a varible you must find what the varibles represent. That is what we are doing now. I cant give you an answer without showing you how to solve a problem. So let’s start with the variable A.

The varible A is what is simply going to be called the Vampyric Spirit, that resides in us all. This may invoke another question. What composes the Vampyric Spirit? In order to know what something is made of we must first understand the meaning. Not everyone has a Vampyric Spirit. The Otherkin has A Beastial Spirit. Which is basically the same thing with one addition. Not only must we have a physical need but a spiritual need. We depend on the essence of life. Whether it be blood or energy or both. If we dont feed on the essence of life, we become unbalanced. We are not complete. Both things physical and spiritual must be fufilled for us or we do not survive long. It will not kill us but it doesn’t ensure our survial. The Otherkin isnt effect at the level we are. Okay hopefully you understand the meaning of Vampyric Spirit but what does it compose of?

The Vampyric Spirit composes of our instincts. The thing that drives us to the highest and lowest meanings of life. To Survive. It’s deeply seeded we are driven to it. That instinct drives all but alone this instinct is powerless and ineffective. Combined with other instincts and parts that just happen. Ego, Breathing, the heart beating, chakras, the blood pipeline, and the energy pipeline. All must work together. Without each one working properly the rest does not work properly. That is part of the sum of the whole. This is the simplist and easiest way to explain it.

So completing the balance of Emotion+Vampyric Spirit+b=Whole. So what does B equal? B equals the Human Spirit. The Human Spirit is the easiest to explain. It runs the “higher” functions. It’s the thought and will. It’s what makes things possible in any situation. Now All three things are powerful in themselves. But when all three are combined thier sum equal wholeness. If you look at it that word seems simular to holiness. Maybe because they go hand in hand. To use the divine spark inside of us we must be whole. But there are also Outside influence that help make up the sum of the whole. Love for others, A more specified Love towards a specific person, creation in all its processes. They all help make the sum of the whole.

Now that you know all of this and maybe understand it. I can simply say that the meaning of the sum of the whole within a person is, Emotion+Vampyric/Beastial Spirit+Human Spirit =Wholeness= Love of all+True Love+creation and child rearing. This all makes a person attain Wholeness. But this is only part of something bigger. Like when one cycle of learning ends another begins. Whether whole or not a person is just a cog in the machine. The machine for this purpose is representing the greater whole of the Multiverse where all things operate. All Dimensions are apart of the same machine basically. And that makes a sum of the whole. Attaining Wholeness is while the most basic or lessons, it is also the most important. Without being Whole you never will truely understand the machine. Without wholeness nothing higher than what we are can be attained.



6 Responses to “The Sum of the Whole.”

  1. tothewire Says:

    Once again, grabs the attention and keeps you reading. Very interesting read! Full of information I never knew, and now I will have to google! See you made me google to read more about the information. I like that.

  2. Enkill_Eridos Says:

    This information will be hard to find with google.

  3. lawman2 Says:

    to each his own.still found the article a good read,this article definitely introduced me to the “spiritual side” of vampirism even though i’m not into the whole spiritual bs i enjoyed the read.but of course i am a realist. i can see the lure this would have,and the fun it would be to participate in the ritual side of it. all in all my hat is off to the author! well written, and an interesting topic.

  4. Enkill_Eridos Says:

    I wrote this originally written in a forum and the target audience was people in that circle. But vampirism is a little different than what you think. But the topic in itself and the ideas in the essay can be universal to any left-handed spiritual path.

  5. dorian9 Says:

    good read and a good reminder of all the things that need to make us whole. i see the parallel with the pentacle. we are different only in our choice of geometry, visually you describe balance by means of a circle, my balance is contained within a triangle – the five senses within with the three points being body, mind and soul at the top point. my triangle being more angular is easier to tip off its symmetry, your circle is more self contained and protective, like a womb. balance is a real challenge. the other names for the triangle points are life and love with light at the top , = the perfect triangle.

  6. Enkill_Eridos Says:

    See and that is a good analogy as well. I just use circle because it is easier for the majority to understand. A triangle is something I use for the Higherarchy of my spiritual belief that ties into this article. I will write it when I have the time. There is a lot of information I can convey about it, and I also need to get online references so people can do thier own research and make thier findings thier own way. People are different so is the many paths that bring people closer to thier own divinity. I cannot walk with everyone but I can show them where to start.

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